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A General Biography of Ken Van Sickle

 1932 - Born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, U.S.A. on May 12 th.

1938-40 -Introduced to a Kodak Brownie and soon after a revere 8mm movie camera.

1938-44 -Taught the basics of drawing, painting and hunting by grandfather.

1952 - Graduated from Abraham Clark high school, Rosette, N.J. , U.S.A.

1952-53 - Attended Art Student’s League of New York City and studied with George Grosz and Howard Tafton.

1953-54 - Drafted into army, spent 14 months in Korea, purchased a Leica & wide angle lenses and took an ethnology course with a Professor from u.s.c.

1955-56 - Returned to u.s. In ’55, went directly to Paris where I studied French at the alliance, film at the Cinemateque, and drawing and painting with André L’hote.

1956-62 - Returned to N.Y.C. and worked up a commercial portfolio, began shooting pharmaceuticals, record covers and magazine illustrations.

1959-64 - Began working in film and at the same time made 3 experimental Films.

1963 - Worked my way up in the film industry as an electrician, then soundman, gaffer, assist. cameraman, director of photography and director.

Worked until 1985 as director of photography on feature films, documentaries and commercials and began shooting with video.


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